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What are Zoning Maps?  Kitsap County zoning maps reflect the Comprehensive Plan land use chapter and follow Growth Management Act guidelines.  Major zoning changes are made during Comprehensive Plan periodic updates (every 8 years); Kitsap County Commissioners may decide to look into some zoning map changes on the yearly docket. 

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Zoning Map (10.91mb)

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Land Use Map (10.8mb)

Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map 

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Establishment of Zones and Maps and Classification of Zones (Chapter 17.200)

Title 17: Zoning Code

Zoning Use Tables


District 1 Zoning MapDistrict 1 Zoning MapDistrict 2 Zoning MapDistrict 2 Zoning MapDistrict 3 Zoning MapDistrict 3 Zoning Map