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What is the Internal Review Team?  The Internal Review Team (IRT) is a partnership formed by a variety of Kitsap County departments, agencies, and organizations. The IRT was developed to incorporate experienced personnel to help guide the writing of the goals, policies, and strategies for the Comprehensive Plan Update, by expanding Kitsap County's understanding of the communites we each serve.  Now that the 2016 Comprehensive Plan is adopted, the IRT member organizations will help implement the Plan. 

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October 2016 - Kick off of the first semi-annual Internal Review Team Implementation Meeting!*

​*Please Note: dates, times, and locations are subject to change: To find all Comprehensive Plan related events, please click "Find Public Events!" below.



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Comprehensive Plan 2016: Goals, Policies, Strategies

Meeting Agendas and Minutes: Coming Soon!

Current Partners:

Kitsap County: Community Development

Kitsap County: Parks

Kitsap County: Sheriff

Kitsap County: Public Works

Kitsap County: Assessor

Kitsap County: Human Services

Kitsap Transit

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance

Kitsap County Health District

Join the IRT!: Coming Soon!

News and Press Releases: Coming Soon!


On June 27, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update.  October 2016 will be the first semi-annual kick-off meeting!

                         MEET SOME OF THE MEMBERS!


Please Submit Comments and Questions to:

Kitsap County

Department of Community Development

Planning and Environmental Programs

Dave Greetham, Senior Planner

(360) 337-5777