Kitsap County Alerts Property Owners to Potential Zoning Changes

--Postcards mailed to households that may be impacted

As part of the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan update, some parcels may potentially be impacted by zoning changes. 

These property owners are receiving an orange postcard.   

There are three main types of impacts property owners can anticipate: 

1.) Zones being suggested for changes to increase density, that is, to allow more dwelling units per acre.

2.) Zones being suggested for changes to decrease density, generally to avoid development in critical areas and protect rural areas.

3.) Commercial zones being "collapsed" from eight zones to four zones in order to encourage a greater mix of uses within commercial areas.

To view new maps, please click below.

North Kitsap Preferred Zoning Map

North Kitsap Zoning changes only shown here‚Äč 

Central Kitsap Preferred Zoning Map

Central Kitsap Zoning changes only shown here

South Kitsap Preferred Zoning Map

South Kitsap Zoning changes only shown here

[For current Kitsap County Land Use map, please click here]

For maps for specific Urban Growth Areas, please click here.